People Who Work at Paddock Wood Primary Academy – 2019/2020

Mr Scott Opstad – Principal
Miss Carly Gavin – Vice Principal
Mrs Marie-Louise Holmberg – Vice Principal
Mrs Elisa Bienz – Assistant Principal
Miss Liz Dunn – Assistant Principal
Ms Nicola Rabarts – Assistant Principal

Mrs Liz Leach (Leadership)
Mrs Sarah Brett
Miss Faye Truett
Miss Alice Highwood
Mr Will Worsfold

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Mandy Delaforce
Mrs Pooja Foster
Miss Sian Pugh

Miss Nicola Rabarts (Leadership)
Miss Gemma Waters
Miss Isabel Lambert

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Amanda Coulthard
Mrs Alex Thomas
Mrs Bev Trumper

Mrs Rachael Reedman
Mrs Lizzie Tipples
Mrs Evie Blackhall
Miss Chelsi Willis
Miss Georgina Rawling
Mrs Estelle McCabe

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Mandi Biddolph
Mrs Maria Crawford
Mrs Pip Brown

Mrs Elisa Bienz (Leadership)
Miss Jennifer Armstrong
Mrs Sophie Knight
Mr Adam Hill

Teaching Assistants
Mr James Blackhall (Higher Level)
Mrs Julie Gammon


Miss Liz Dunn
Mrs Fiona Townend
Miss Lizzie Payne
Mr Peter McNair
Miss Katie Rowland

Teaching Assistants
Miss Emma Osborne
Mrs Dhurata Pervathi
Mrs Ali Tovey

Miss Maddie Mitchie
Mr Kevin Gartland
Mrs Annie Predescu

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Rachel McPhail (Higher Level)
Mrs Michelle Mills

Mr Simon Cole
Mrs Linda Easto
Mrs Marie-Louise Holmberg
Mr Ollie Judge

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Amanda Hicks
Mrs Steph Noakes

Mrs Marie-Louise Holmberg – Vice Principal and SEND Co-ordinator
Mrs Tina Bryan – Inclusion Assistant
Miss Charlotte Gunning – Parent Support Advisor

Mrs Alex Ait Mansour – Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Sonia Hanna – Reading Recovery
Mr Andrew Robbins – Specialist Additional Support

Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs Lindsey Thorne-Large
Miss Sarah Miller

Play Leader
Mrs Wendy Turner
Mrs Billie-Jean Delaforce

Mrs Lisa King – Office Manager
Mrs Annick Ridley – Finance Officer
Mrs Sarah Blake – Admissions & Events Officer
Mrs Susannah Miles – Attendance Officer
Mrs Margaret-Ann Gagne – Admin Officer and Receptionist

Mr Peter Pilfold – Estate & Facilities Manager
Mrs Catherine Robinson – Premises Assistant
Mr Tom Warnock – Network Manager
Mr Steve Konrad – Chef Manager
Mrs Ruth Springett-Dunn – Assistant Cook
Mrs Jemma Golding – Lunch Hall Assistant
Mrs Janet Duffin – Relief Lettings

Breakfast Club
Mrs Julie Gammon
Mr James Blackhall
Mrs Emma Osborne
Mrs Ali Tovey

After School Club
Mr James Blackhall
Mrs Julie Gammon
Mrs Rachel McPhail
Mrs Emma Osborne
Mrs Sarah Miller
Mrs Michelle Mills
Mrs Clare Napper
Mrs Steph Noakes
Mrs Emma Osborne